Post Marianne Page Ross A. Thompson

CPR Director and Faculty Affiliate Present Research at the Childhood Obesity Conference

Center for Poverty Research Director Marianne Page and Faculty Affiliate Ross Thompson were invited to speak on a panel at the Childhood Obesity Conference in Anaheim, CA July 15-18. Their session entitled “Poverty: Obesity Prevention’s Top Priority?” discussed how childhood obesity is tied to so many other issues—poverty, family supports, and healthy communities.

This panel discussed the causal role of poverty and the documented effects of social interventions, specifically looking at safety net programs impact on health and later in life economic status. In spite of the creative and important work by many at the local, state, and federal levels, we have not seen the significant drops in national childhood obesity rates that any of us would have hoped for. Significant racial and ethnic disparities persist. We know how consequential, and will discuss, the social conditions are that continue to inhibit efforts to decrease childhood obesity and healthy development, and will unpack how good governance and policy can lead to healthier and more equitable communities.