Center podcasts are a great way to keep up with today’s poverty research and public policy. We record most of our conference presentations and talks by our seminar speakers. We also produce exclusive content, such as our Poverty in Focus series, as well as expert discussions on research.


Poverty Focus

This podcast series, produced by the Center for Poverty Research at UC Davis, brings together experts in their fields to discuss new poverty research and public policy.

Reducing Inequality through Education
Michal Kurlaender in conversation with David Figlio

In this podcast, David Figlio and Michal Kurlaender discuss how inequality before a child is even born can compound across a lifetime, and the difference high-quality schools can make for low-income children. 

Information Access and Student Achievement
Cassandra M.D. Hart in conversation with Peter Bergman

In this podcast, Peter Bergman and Cassandra M.D. Hart  discuss how access to timely, actionable information about how students are performing in school can help parents keep their kids on track. 

The Minimum Wage and Safety Net Programs
Special Report on the Minimum Wage

This special podcast report describes a new study by center director Ann Stevens and graduate student affiliate Chloe East that examines how many workers at or near the minimum wage still rely on safety net programs to help their families get by. Listen now.


Seminar Series Podcasts

The Center for Poverty Research Seminar Series brings scholars and policy experts from around the country to discuss their work on poverty and poverty research.

Wayward Sons: The Emerging Gender Gap in Labor Markets and Education
David Autor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

In this April, 2014 seminar, Visiting Scholar David Autor presents his new work about the difference in achievement and other outcomes between boys and girls. 

Early Selection in Educational Systems and Two Forms of Inequality
Herman van de Werfhorst, University of Amsterdam

In this February 2014 seminar, Visiting Scholar Herman van de Werfhorst discussed his new work on the inequality that can arise from early selection systems in schools.

Post Peter Gianaros Podcast More Podcasts

The Neurobiology of Socioeconomic Health Disparities
Peter Gianaros, University of Pittsburgh

In this December 2013 seminar, Visiting Scholar Peter Gianaros discussed findings from a recent program of health neuroscience research aimed at understanding how the brain might link socioeconomic disadvantage to health and profiles of disease risk.


Conference Podcasts

The Center for Poverty Research Conferences convene scholars and policy experts to discuss pressing issues in poverty and poverty research.