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News & Events: April 2013

We have just released three new Policy Briefs.  Read more below for research related to immigration and poverty.

We’ve also been busy putting together some great events for the spring!  See below for more information on these exciting opportunities to connect with top poverty researchers. 


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Policy Briefs

State Health Insurance Policy and Insuring Immigrant Children
By Erin R. Hamilton and Ethan Evans, UC Davis

One in five children in the United States is the child of immigrants. These new Americans, most of whom are U.S. citizens, are more than twice as likely as children of natives to have no health insurance. Prior research has shown that differences in income or employment between native and immigrant parents do not account for the disparity in coverage.

U.S. Farms and the Dwindling Labor Supply from Mexico
By J. Edward Taylor and Diane Charlton, UC Davis

For an extended period now, U.S. farms have enjoyed an abundance of workers from Mexico who work for stable or decreasing real wages. However, since 2008 the overall number of these farm workers, both these working in the U.S. and those who remain in Mexico, has shrunk substantially.

Immigrant Workers, Native Poverty and Labor Market Competition
By Giovanni Peri, UC Davis

Those who come to the United States looking for work compete with some groups of native-born workers but complement others. Since wages and the local poverty rate play a part in how many arrive, it is a challenge to quantify the effect they in turn have on both, and whether they push native workers below the poverty line.

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