UC Network on Child Health, Poverty, and Public Policy

The goal of this UCOP-funded pilot program on Child Health, Poverty and Public Policy is to lay the foundation for a UC-wide network of scholars who are committed to rigorous cross-training in multiple disciplinary-specific skills and “languages” that are necessary to produce a comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms by which health and nutrition programs (e.g. Medicaid, SNAP, WIC) improve poor children’s life chances.   Our activities will facilitate knowledge exchange between economists, psychologists, MD/PHD’s, sociologists, epidemiologists, nutritional scientists and others, with the goal of generating innovative research, and training graduate students to do research that speaks across fields.  In addition to building two-way relationships across campuses and fields, we aim to deepen connections between UC researchers and policymakers.


List of Affiliates
UC Network on Child Health, Poverty, and Policy

The network is composed of nationally recognized and emerging experts on child health and public policy, who are committed to advancing knowledge through cross-disciplinary approaches. In addition to an extensive group of affiliates, each college has a site lead that provides outreach to their campus colleagues and advisory input.


Upcoming UC Network Events

September 4-6, 2019 | Berkeley, CA
“Summer School” Workshop

September 23-24, 2019 | Davis, CA
Graduate Student Retreat- Held in conjunction with UC Davis Center for Poverty Research

December 10, 2019 | Sacramento, CA
Policy Workshop at UC Center Sacramento