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News & Events: September 2014

As the academic year begins, we are pleased to highlight some upcoming Center activities. Our fall conference on Poverty and Place will host leading researchers who examine intersections of poverty and geography. We will also host a seminar featuring one of the country’s leading experts on poverty measurement. We encourage you to continue checking our website for the latest research, policy briefs and more upcoming events.

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Upcoming Events

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Policy Briefs

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Meet Our Researchers


Jacob Hibel
Associate Professor of Sociology and Deputy Director, Center for Poverty & Inequality Reseach

Jacob Hibel received his degree in Sociology and Demography from Pennsylvania State University in 2009. His research focuses on the causes and consequences of childhood educational inequalities, including those related to poverty, disability, race/ethnicity, immigrant generation status, and spatial segregation.

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Article Ann Huff Stevens

Center Researchers Featured in Stanford Magazine
August 20, 2014

STANFORD, Calif. — The Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality featured work by Center for Poverty Research directors and affiliates in their summer 2014 issue of Pathways magazine. The articles by Ann Stevens, Marianne Page, Giovanni Peri and Hilary Hoynes, focused on aspects of labor markets ranging from immigrants to job loss to safety net programs.