Article Ann Huff Stevens

Center Researchers Featured in Stanford Magazine
August 20, 2014

STANFORD, Calif. — The Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality featured work by Center for Poverty Research directors and affiliates in their summer 2014 issue of Pathways magazine. The articles by Ann Stevens, Marianne Page, Giovanni Peri and Hilary Hoynes, focused on aspects of labor markets ranging from immigrants to job loss to safety net programs.

“This Pathways issue provided a great opportunity to combine the Stanford  Center’s high profile publication with content featuring work by UC Davis researchers,” said Center director Ann Stevens. “These articles highlight several ways that labor markets interact with policies to address poverty, reflecting one of the major themes of the Center for Poverty Research.”

The Stanford center is one of three national poverty research centers funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Pathways is the Stanford center’s feature publication. Read the full issue online at: