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News & Events: February 2015

As we move into Spring, the Center for Poverty Research invites you to join us for two upcoming events focused on critical and timely issues in the area of poverty, education, and labor markets.  In early March, our seminar series will resume with a talk by Professor Harry Holzer of Georgetown University, a leading national expert on labor market training for traditionally disadvantaged groups.  Soon after, our Spring conference will feature the latest research from prominent scholars from around the country on improving college access and achievement among lower income students.  In the meantime, please read below about the latest research and activities from our poverty scholars here at UC Davis.

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Upcoming Events

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Policy Briefs

Deportees Will Risk Harsh Penalties to Return to Families in the U.S.
By Erin R. Hamilton, UC Davis

Despite significant efforts to deter unauthorized immigration, repeat migration to the United States following deportation is common. In a new study, my co-authors and I examined how having family in the U.S. affects the intent to return among migrants deported to El Salvador. We found that being separated from their families in the U.S. is the most important factor in the intent to return, even despite the severe penalties if caught.

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Meet Our Researchers


What’s Behind the Curtain of Child Psychology
Developmental Psychologist Works to Impact Policy and Practice for Children and Families

By Alex Russell – In his lab by the freeway in Davis, Ross Thompson, a developmental psychologist, pulls a plush monkey puppet onto each hand and stands behind a cardboard “stage.” A red curtain hangs across a cutout in the front.

“We would normally have animated voices and all the rest,” he says. “If you do this in a way that is within the child’s capabilities, you will find that they have a much richer sense of themselves psychologically than we give them credit for.”

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Fellowships equal careers in fighting poverty
UC Davis Today

When our three new undergraduates arrived last January to start their Public Policy Fellowships at the Center for Poverty Research, they had no idea what they were getting into, and only a vague sense of what they would accomplish by summer. All they had was potential and an interest in poverty policy.