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Employment, Earnings and Inequality: Realities and Opportunities in Low Wage Labor Markets

This conference will present both quantitative and qualitative research on questions related to low wage labor markets.  A wide variety of topics will be covered including: wage trends and shifts in occupations, policies that enhance wages (such as the minimum wage and the earned income tax credit), issues related to immigration and mobility among low-skilled workers, and issues related to stigma and identity among low-skilled workers.

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Skills of the Unskilled: Work and Mobility Among Mexican Migrants
Jacqueline Hagan, UNC Chapel Hill

The Great Recession, Low-wage Work, and Work Identity: Narratives of Self in the Face of Economic Catastrophe
Steve Lopez, The Ohio State University

The Stigma of Low-Wage Work: Field- and Survey-Experimental Evidence
David Pedulla, The University of Texas at Austin

The Reversal in the Demand for Skill and Its Implications for Employment and Wages for All Workers
David Green, University of British Columbia

The Minimum Wage, Earned Income Tax Credit and Labor Supply
Dayanand Manoli, University of Texas at Austin

Is Tinkering with Safety Net Programs Harmful to Beneficiaries? Evidence from the Medicaid Notch and the Minimum Wage
Jeffrey Clemens, UC San Diego
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Policy Discussion and Q & A: Raising Labor Standards at the Local Level
Ken Jacobs, UC Berkeley

Reflections On the Low Wage Labor Market:  Facts and Policies
Paul Osterman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology