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News & Events: October 2014

This fall we are pleased to offer two events focusing on critical new developments in poverty research.  The Supplemental Poverty Measure has generated much interest and many questions from poverty experts and practitioners, and we are fortunate to have one of the leading experts on this new measure speaking on campus on November 5th.  Later in November, our fall conference on Poverty and Place will bring many prominent scholars from across the country to present and discuss research on the evolving relationship between poverty, poverty policies, and place. We hope to see many of you at these and future events.

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Upcoming Events

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Policy Briefs

School Closures and Redistricting Can Reproduce Educational Inequality
by Daphne Penn, Harvard University

In recent years, inner-city school districts have worked to balance budgets despite funding cuts and unpredictable enrollment due to demographic changes. While redistricting—the process of changing school boundaries, closing and/or consolidating schools—can effectively address budget and enrollment problems, it can disproportionally affect disadvantaged students and families. 

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Meet Our Researchers


Amanda Guyer
Professor, Center for Mind & Brain, UC Davis

Dr. Guyer’s research focuses on the behavioral and neural mechanisms that may underlie the way that adolescents think and feel. One overarching question throughout her research is how does attentional focus modulate the brain circuitry involved in emotional responding?

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