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News & Events: April 2017

As we move into spring we have a number of upcoming talks to highlight, including both renowned “Mindset” researcher Carol Dweck , and former Bush administration welfare policy advisor Ron Haskins.  We also share a summary of recent Center research on the long term impacts of childhood access to the safety net.  Please read the newsletter and visit our website to learn more about our work supporting, producing, and disseminating the latest research on poverty.

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Safety Net Programs Have Long-term Benefits for Children in Poor Households
By Marianne Page, UC Davis

Poor children in the United States are less healthy than other children, which may be a central factor in why poverty persists across generations. Research approaches that use variation in public programs let researchers disentangle the effects of a program itself from other factors. These approaches confirm the broad benefits of safety net programs that target children’s health and nutrition. They also suggest that access to these programs in early life improves children’s economic well-being as adults, which likely transmits to the next generation.