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News & Events: April 2015

We are delighted to highlight three poverty researchers in this issue, two of whom will be giving talks at the Center this spring. Please join us for those upcoming events! We are also very pleased to include a profile of our own faculty affiliate, Michal Kurlaender, whose career exemplifies the combination of high impact research, dissemination, and outreach that the Center strives for. In other news, we have updated our website. Take a few minutes to explore our new site and see what the Center has to offer.

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Upcoming Events

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Policy Briefs

Unaccompanied Migrant Children: A Humanitarian Crisis at the U.S. Border and Beyond
By Stephanie L. Canizales, University of Southern California

Intensified violence and poverty in the Northern Triangle countries of Central America have spurred migration[1] among youth who seek to either reunite with family or to support families who remain abroad. Policies to protect these youth would promote their holistic integration into U.S. society, enforce safety and well-being along the U.S. southern border and help strengthen the youths’ countries of origin socially, economically and politically.

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Meet Our Researchers

Article Sign up for e-news Michal Kurlaender

Charting Students’ Pathways out of Poverty
Education Researcher Studies the Pipeline from Middle School to College and Jobs

By Alex Russell

In the classroom at Kit Carson Middle School in Sacramento, Michal Kurlaender sits at one of four small desks pushed to face each other. The walls are papered in yellow, red and bright blue, and wavy corrugated borders frame a flutter of papers under the banner “AMAZING.”

Kurlaender is interviewing a teacher as part of her evaluation of the school’s teacher development program to improve students’ college readiness skills. The sudden, grating buzz of the class bell startles everyone. Kurlaender smiles. “It’s nicer when it’s the music instead,” she says.

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Training and the Labor Market
Harry Holzer in Conversation with Center Director Ann Stevens

In this podcast, Harry Holzer and Center Director Ann Stevens discuss how colleges have taken on the role of building the U.S. labor force. In March, 2015, Holzer visited the center as a Visiting Scholar to present the seminar “Building Labor Market Skills among Disadvantaged Americans.”

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Stanford Center Organizes Cross Border Poverty Summit

The Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality co-organized “A Blueprint for Ending Poverty … Permanently” with the Mazatlán Forum in March. National Poverty Center Directors David Grusky, Lonnie Berger, and Ann Stevens met with some of the best scholars of poverty to develop and share a set of concrete proposals that go beyond the usual narrow-gauge interventions and take on the ambitious goal of actually ending poverty.