Post Caitlin Patler

From Undocumented to Lawfully Present: Do Changes to Legal Status Impact Psychological Wellbeing among Latino Immigrant Young Adults?
Caitlin Patler (Affiliate in Sociology)

Exclusionary immigration policies have led to a sizeable undocumented population that is largely barred from access to resources in the United States, however there is little research that looks at the impact of legal status on immigrants’ psychological wellbeing. 

In this study, Caitlin Patler and Whitney Laster Pirtle draw on cross-sectional survey data of 487 Latino immigrant young adults in California to assess outcomes related to immigrants’ psychological wellbeing before and after a transition from undocumented to legally present status. Results show that reports of past psychological wellness were predicted primarily by socioeconomic status, whereas current psychological wellness was predicted by DACA status.