Seeking Affiliate Status

Interested faculty may self-nominate for affiliate status, or be nominated by a current affiliate at any time during the year. Nominations should be made to the Director of the Center, and should include:

  • A description (no more than two pages) of the candidate’s “substantial connection to the core research themes of the Center” where the candidate’s accomplishments and projects within the field of poverty research are highlighted, along a statement of how the candidate anticipates his/her affiliation with the Center will be useful to both the candidate and the Center.
  • A current CV.
  • A link to candidate’s professional website.

The Executive Committee will receive nomination materials from the Director, and affiliate status will be granted upon approval by a majority of the Committee. Should the candidate not be granted affiliate status, he/she will be provided with an explanation.

Terms of Renewal

Affiliates will be invited to renew their affiliation every three years by submitting a short description (no more than one page) of their ongoing poverty-related research, and a brief account of their active involvement with Center activities over the previous period of affiliation.