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Responding to Poverty Now
CPR readies for Sept. 13 Census report on poverty

The new Census Bureau report on poverty, to be released on Sept. 13th, will tell us the new poverty rate and details about who is poor in the United States. The Center for Poverty Research is preparing a number of responses to share what research shows can help end poverty for millions of individuals and families.

Responses to the Sept. 13th Census Bureau report include:

  • A statement from director Ann Huff Stevens and deputy director Marianne Page will outline U.S. poverty’s root causes and important steps to take now and in the future.
  • We will host an online discussion at 12 p.m. EST that includes Ann Stevens and leading poverty experts from the national poverty centers at the University of Wisconsin and Stanford University.
  • We will update our Poverty FAQ pages with new Census data to make clear where we stand right now.
  • A selection of our Faculty Affiliate experts will be available for comment to news media.

The Census report each September is the one day every year when everyone’s attention is focused on poverty in the United States. Join us in making a clear path to a better future.