New Report Examines Homelessness in Sacramento

The UC Davis Center for Healthcare Policy and Research has published a new report outlining options for innovative, coordinated care programs for people experiencing chronic homelessness. Titled Integrating Care for People Experiencing Homelessness: A Focus on Sacramento County and funded by the California Health Care Foundation, this report examines the situation for homeless individuals in Sacramento County and summarizes the current landscape of services. It also highlights national examples of innovative, integrated service models that combine health care, social services, and housing options for homeless individuals with complex, co-occurring conditions (mental illness, substance use disorder, and/or physical conditions). A rapid literature review provides background about the effectiveness of interventions such as housing first, contingency management, and full-service partnerships.

The report is a reference tool to inform stakeholder discussions about program designs that expand effective, coordinated services to homeless populations and is useful for other communities searching for comprehensive care options.

Download a research brief that summarizes the report.

Download the full report.