Application for UCD-SPREE
Deadline for Submissions: November 1, 2016 (5pm PST)

Application Instructions & Required Documentation
In addition to completing the online form below, please include all of the following documents when submitting your application to the UCD-SPREE program no later than 5pm (PST), Tuesday, November 1, 2016.

  1. Statement of Program Interest, no more than two pages, double-spaced (approximately 600 words) – Please address the following:
           a. What draws you to the topics of poverty and inequality?  What  
                ideas do you have about research in these areas?
           b. Discuss how your interest in the UCD-SPREE Program may assist
                in leading to a career in academia, policy, non-profit or another
                career choice.
           c. How will the UCD-SPREE program benefit your academic
               undergraduate and graduate school plans?
           d. Please share why you would be an ideal candidate for this 
  2. College-level writing sample.  Please submit a college paper that is no more than five pages in length, double-spaced on a topic related to either one’s major, minor or graduate study interests.
  3. Copy of college/university transcripts; unofficial is fine
  4. One letter of recommendation from a faculty member at home institution (to be sent directly from recommender to
Application Information
Local Contact Information
Permanent Contact Information
Academic Information

Please include the name of the honor or award and a description.

Please include the name of the organization, the activity and a description.

In a brief paragraph, please describe your potential field/s of graduate study.

Faculty Recommender Contact Information