How do race and Hispanic origin relate to poverty?
Official data for specific groups

In 2015, the poverty rates among racial and ethnic groups in the United States ranged from 10 percent to 26 percent. 

The poverty rates for racial and ethnic subgroups were

  • 11.6% for White
  • 9.1% for White (not Hispanic)
  • 24.1% for Black
  • 11.4% for Asian
  • 21.4% for Hispanic (of any race)

Another way to think about the relationship between poverty and race or ethnicity is to consider how the racial and ethnic distribution of people in poverty compares to that of the total poor population.

Comparing populations in poverty, in 2015 Blacks, and Hispanics comprised a greater share of the poor e population in poverty than their share of the general population. However, the number of Whites in poverty, an estimated 28.5 million, is greater than the number of poor from all other racial or ethnic categories combined. 

Updated 9/14/16


For more information: 

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