Event 2203 SS&H Andrews Conference Room

Heather Bullock
UC Santa Cruz

Heather Bullock is a Professor of Psychology and Director of the Blum Center on Poverty, Social Enterprise, & Participatory Governance. Her research focuses on social psychological dimensions of economic (in)justice. She is interested in how members of different socioeconomic groups understand and justify poverty and wealth, as well as their own relative status. Much of her work in this area examines how classist stereotypes and attributions for poverty influence support for various welfare and anti-poverty policies.

Professor Bullock also studies interpersonal classism in the lives of low-income women. She is working to document the conditions under which classist behaviors are most likely to occur and the intersections of classism, racism, and sexism. Of special concern is discrimination that occurs in settings in which low-income groups rely on others for assistance (e.g., social services, medical care).