Event Student Community Center, Multi-Purpose Room

Geographies of Poverty Conference
The Importance of Neighborhoods, Segregation, and Mobility in Perpetuating Disadvantage

Advanced registration for this conference is closed. Registration will be offered at the conference pending space availability. 

Participants include:

Decoupling Schools and Neighborhoods: Safety, School Location, Social Ties, and Neighborhood Perception
Julia Burdick-Will, Johns Hopkins University

The Ethnic Segregation of Immigrants in the United States, 1850-1940
Katherine Eriksson, UC Davis

Fair Housing for the Next 50 Years
Paul Jargowsky, Rutgers University

Inequality and Place: Children’s Neighborhood and School Contexts
Ann Owens, University of Southern California

Segregation and the Initial Provision of Water in the United States
John Parman, William and Mary

Urban Neighborhoods and Integration of the Latino Second Generation
Maria Rendon, UC Irvine

Identifying Explanations for the Health Advantages and Disadvantages Experienced by Hispanics in the United States
Fernando Riosmena, University of Colorado Boulder

Blockbusting in Urban Neighborhoods and the Erosion of Black Wealth
Alison Shertzer, University of Pittsburgh

From Immigrants to Americans: Race and Assimilation during the Great Migration
Marco Tabellini, Harvard University