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Child Poverty Research, Public Policy and the Road Ahead
What We Have Learned and Where Should We Go Next?

Child poverty continues to be a major challenge for the United States and California. The UC Davis Center for Poverty Research and UC Center Sacramento will bring together researchers, policymakers, and practitioners together for a workshop “Child Poverty Research, Public Policy and the Road Ahead: What We Have Learned and Where Should We Go Next?”  Sessions will focus on five key areas of research and policy: the importance of early childhood poverty and policies, education and poverty, the role of segregation, the impact of safety net programs, and unique challenges facing undocumented immigrant children.

Helping Kids: The Role of Government in Children’s Lives
Marianne Bitler, Professor of Economics

Children of Undocumented Immigrants: Basic Facts, Research and Policy
Erin Hamilton, Associate Professor of Sociology

Economic Segregation and Children’s Well-Being
Jacob Hibel, Associate Professor of Sociology

Poverty and Inequality in Educational Outcomes: Are Schools the Great Equalizers?
Michal Kurlaender, Professor of Education

Why Poverty Predicts a Child’s Future — and What To Do About It?
Ross Thompson, Professor of Psychology