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Book Talk: Making Social Spending Work
New Book by Affiliate Peter Lindert

The Economic History Seminar and the Center for Poverty & Inequality Research are happy to announce a talk to launch the new book by Center affiliate Peter Lindert

Making Social Spending Work

(Cambridge University Press, April 2021)

How does social spending relate to economic growth and which countries have got this right and wrong? Peter Lindert examines the experience of countries across the globe to reveal what has worked, what needs changing, and who the winners and losers are under different systems. He traces the development of public education, health care, pensions, and welfare provision, and addresses key questions around intergenerational inequality and fiscal redistribution, the returns to investment in human capital, how to deal with an aging population, whether migration is a cost or a benefit, and how social spending differs in autocracies and democracies. The book shows that what we need to do above all is to invest more in the young from cradle to career, and shift the burden of paying for social insurance away from the workplace and to society as a whole.

The talk will be by Zoom, Tuesday April 6, 4:10-5:30 at the link below.

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