Event Memorial Union, MU II Room

“Beyond the Pencil: The Nation’s Report Card’s Transition to Technology“
Peggy Carr, Acting Commissioner of NCES & Director of NAEP

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) is transitioning from its traditional paper and pencil based assessments to a technology-based assessment administered via tablet for all assessments by 2017. Building on the foundation of NAEP as the gold standard in large-scale student assessment, NAEP’s goal is to leverage technology to continue its role as a leader and innovator in the field. Dr. Carr, the Acting Commissioner of the National Center for Education Statistics, will discuss the current assessment environment and the relevancy and timeliness of a transition to technology based assessments. She will cover the integration of technology in all aspects of NAEP’s design, operations and research. Dr. Carr will address NAEP’s current and future efforts to utilize advances in technology as a mechanism for innovation while maintaining NAEP’s fundamental utility as the largest nationally representative and continuing measure of what students know and can do across the country.