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News & Events: March 2016

As spring takes off, we have many upcoming events to highlight, including our first ever Poverty Research and Policy Summit at the UC Center Sacramento. The event will bring together researchers, policymakers, practitioners and advocates to discuss the state of poverty research and public policy in our nation. We also have a full seminar series taking off in early March, a new issue of Poverty Research Now and new videos highlighting some of our scholars’ research perspectives. Check them out!

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Poverty Research Now: Labor Markets and Poverty

This issue of Poverty Research Now contains a sampling of work that explores today’s labor markets and how they affect low-wage workers. We hope they make a real contribution to policies that reduce U.S. poverty.

In this issue:

The Challenges of Low-wage Work
by Ariel Pihl and Ann Huff Stevens, UC Davis

Wage Growth and Increased Hours Reduce Poverty
By Ariel Pihl, UC Davis

Distance From Jobs May Be a Factor in Employment Discrimination
David Phillips, Hope College


How Economic Hardship Gets Inside the Family
Sociologist Katherine Jewsbury Conger on Poverty

In this video, sociologist Katherine Jewsbury Conger discusses how poverty and economic hardship impact parents and their children. Early childhood programs, she says, are important avenues for parents living in poverty to make a contribution and to make connections to their communities.

Conger is a Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at UC Davis and a Faculty Affiliate of the Center for Poverty Research. Her research focuses in part on the links between family stress and adolescent adjustment.


A Paycheck Away from Crisis
Sociologist Victoria Smith on Poverty

In this video, sociologist Victoria Smith describes the challenges low-wage workers face in trying to get ahead. Policies that increase earnings and stabilize work hours, she says, can make a difference for economically vulnerable workers and their families. 


Update from the Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality
New Issue of Pathways Magazine

The 2016 “presidential issue” of Pathways Magazine is devoted to exploring the positions that the candidates and parties are advancing on matters of poverty, mobility, and inequality.

Read the magazine here