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News and Events: November 2012

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Ann Huff Stevens

Director Ann Stevens Discusses Unemployment & Children on Minnesota Public Radio

Listen to a conversation about the intergenerational effects of the Great Recession on Minnesota Public Radio’s “The Daily Circuit” program.  Ann Huff Stevens, Director of the Center for Poverty Research  and Ariel Kalil, Director of the Center for Human Potential and Public Policy and Professor of Public Policy at the University of Chicago, discuss research on the effects of parents’ unemployment on children, including effects on earnings, education, and health that suggest a long-lasting impact of the Great Recession across generations.

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Upcoming Events

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Meet Our Researchers


Katherine Conger
Professor of Human and Community Development

Katherine Conger received her degree in Sociology from Iowa State University in 1993. Her research focuses on the quality and course of sibling relationships; interpersonal processes in families emphasizing the linkages between family stress and adolescent adjustment; and observational research methods.

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