Article Ann Huff Stevens

Sacramento workers want to raise the minimum wage, but will it hurt small businesses?
Ann Stevens is quoted in an article about raising the minimum wage.

Sacramento News & Review, April 9, 2015

Imagine you’re a 37-year-old woman, three months pregnant, living in the Arden-Arcade area, taking the bus to your job at Burger King, where every week you work 40 hours but only earn $9.25 for each. 

UC Davis economics professor and director of the Center for Poverty Research Ann Huff Stevens says that when people are “talking about moving $9 an hour to $15 an hour, we know virtually nothing” about how that will impact employment or small businesses. “We really don’t know, and so there’s a risk.”

Her advice for Sacramento would be to carefully raise wages at the bottom, make small adjustments to the minimum wage, and also think about using the tax system to benefit low-income workers (such as lobbying for a statewide earned income tax credit, which would “effectively be a subsidy for low-income workers.”)