Article J. Paul Leigh

Minimum wage in California is going up again in 2024. Is it enough to live on?
CPIR Affiliate J. Paul Leigh Quoted in the Sacramento Bee


December 27, 2023
The Sacramento Bee
By Briana Taylor

Starting in 2024, California will have the second highest statewide minimum wage behind Washington, which is more than double the stagnant $7.25 an hour federal limit. According to the California Department of Industrial Relations, wages are set to rise from $15.50 to $16 per hour in January. In April, starting pay for fast-food workers employed at large chains will be $20 an hour. But in a state crippled by high prices, wage experts say the bump is a slow crawl toward a livable income. Typical expenses like food, child care, medical, housing and transportation determine the living wage or hourly rate that an individual in a household must earn to support themselves and their family’s basic needs. Will California’s new minimum wage be enough?

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