Enrollment Open: HDE 252 Current Issues in Theory, Research, and Policy on Children, Youth and Families
Professor Katherine J, Conger

Spring Quarter 2017
9 am – noon Monday
5 Wellman Hall         

Shonkoff (2000) summarizes the issues succinctly: “Science is focused on what we do not know. Social policy and the delivery of health and human services are focused on what we should do.” (p. 182). Our challenge then is to examine what is being done in light of what we think we know, and how policy and science inform each other.

The course will be conducted as a seminar. Students are expected come to each class thoroughly prepared to engage in class discussions. Our discussions will cover a range of current research and public policy issues relevant to work-family balance and individual health and well-being, with a sub-focus on racial/ethnic diversity and rural/urban health disparities in the United States. Other topics will include theory and research related to family sociology, economics, and the historical background of US policies. All along the way, we will keep in mind the intersection of research and practice in the development and implementation of youth and family policy.