for Graduate Students


Opportunities for Graduate Students

The Center provides many opportunities to graduate students, from mentoring on research and career objectives, to courses, conferences, our annual graduate student retreat, as well as opportunities in our visiting graduate student scholar program.

Image of Visiting Graduate Student Scholars

Visiting Graduate Student Scholars

The Center for Poverty Research at UC Davis seeks applications from  graduate students who are interested in visiting the Center in order to expand their understanding of the causes and consequences of poverty.

We seek applications from Ph.D. students in a variety of disciplines, including economics, psychology, sociology, social work, public policy and graduate schools of law and education, with research interests in our core research areas.

Image of Graduate Student Retreat

Graduate Student Retreat

The Center hosts an annual graduate student retreat attended by faculty and students engaged in poverty research from a variety of disciplines. Faculty provide advice and workshops on grad school success and the career market, while  students give presentations on their dissertation work to a crowd of enthusiastic and supportive colleagues.

Students from the departments of including Economics, Education, Human Development, Law, Nutrition, Psychology, and Sociology are nominated by our research affiliates to participate.